Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow (virtual)

Help children aged 8-13 understand the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and contribute towards the welfare of the community, over live zoom sessions.

What we do

The Program

Students get a chance to coordinate with foreign NGOs and help out the less fortunate by contributing masks. Each student will contribute 10 boxes of masks to those in need of PPEs.


A Big Thanks

Big thank you to Anagha for coordinating all the work, to James for inviting us and organizing the event, Jessie for your donation and tour, and to Kenneth for your effort and passion to educate more children to SDGs and about the UN.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you in the future!!

Best, Alison”

Program Goals

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals

Understand the importance of giving back to the community

Develop a sense of social responsibility

Gain experience in conducting research and reaching out to foreign organizations

Highlights of the Program

Sessions will be conducted via Zoom from 10:30AM to 12:00 PM

July 27


Introduction of Sustainable Development Goals. Children choose three developing countries that they are interested in researching, and choose an NGO to coordinate with from one of these countries.

July 30

Group discussion

A group discussion on the countries that they researched and on the activities of their chosen NGO.

August 3

Reaching out

Students reach out to their chosen NGO via email.

August 10

Care packaging

Students go to the Family Mask office (optional) to prepare ‘Care Package’.

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